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Tell us about your pet

Does he have some junk in the trunk?
Does she run circles around you? Is his
hair as shinny as a shampoo commercial?
We want to know it all!

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Get excited! The cyber gods will deliver your
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Good to Know

Good to Know

Save money: It's only $1!

Stop wasting money on an array of food

products that might not meet your pet's nutritional

needs. We provide you the blueprint for

your shopping cart.

Fast and Easy

No need to spend hours researching for your

pets's ideal diet - Let us do the research for you!

All it takes is a few clicks to get your fur

baby's diet in your inbox.


Cookie cutters are out of style! We offer you a

diet specially tailored for your pet.

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Our Pawmise To You

As pet lovers ourselves, the Dollar Pet Diet team understands the importance of raising a healthy pet within a reasonable budget. And since no two dogs or cats are created equal, our team of animal-loving experts promotes sustainable pet wellness through personalized nutrition. Speedy, simple, and affordable: give our custom-made diets a try. You and your fur baby won’t be disappointed. We pawmise!

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